Mintworks chapters are locked with one of two statuses: locked permanently or to be unlocked in 7-10 days. 

Feeling impatient and want to unlock a chapter in advance? All locked chapters can be unlocked using mints. Mints are the currency used by Mintworks Publishing; they can be gained through website interactions or bought through the ‘My Account’ menu. Individuals require a Mintworks account to unlock chapters. 

Mints are sold in packages and are bought using real world currency – all prices listed in CAD – or Mints can be awarded through interactions like commenting and creating an account. Mints have no ‘real world’ value and are only valid on the Mintworks Publishing platform, for the duration that the related account is valid. Each chapter, or other item, obtained using the virtual currency on our platforms will be recorded under your account menu until the date of the expiration or termination of your account, or the discontinuation of the platform.

Terms of Use

Price and availability of chapters is subject to change, and can be changed without prior notice. By using this platform, and creating an account, all users acknowledge the they have no right to sell, copy, or otherwise transfer any items, information, or content purchased on the Mintworks Publishing platform. Users of the Mintworks platform do not have any ownership rights, regardless of what has been paid to purchase mints or other content on the website. 

Users of Mintworks also acknowledge that any virtual currency received cannot be refunded or used as any type of real world financial instrument. We, as Mintworks Publishing, have no obligation to reimburse you for any item or any experience lost due to your own violations of any of our rules/policies/terms, and agreements. Mintworks has no liability for the loss of an account or items related to the account, although we will use reasonable efforts to investigate and reimburse such losses.

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