Mintworks Publishing and our community is made up of diverse creative people from around the world, all of whom may have different cultural backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs. We value these varied perspectives and recognize that these differences. Each and every person helps make our community what it is and with this in mind, together we can keep Mintworks safe and fun for everyone.

Please respect the spirit in which the content and community rules were intended: to ensure a positive experience for everyone. 


Be Polite

  • Respect copyright 
  • Do not plagiarize or trace others’ work. You are responsible for all activity associated with your account, including any comments posted or likes given
  • Legally, you must obtain the copyright holder’s consent to post or distribute their content.
  • Transformative works such as fan-fiction and fan-comics are generally ok, but there may be opposing perspectives amongst our authors on what constitutes breaching copyright. We reserve the right to take down content which has been proven to violate copyright

No Bullying 

  • Behind every story and profile is a real person. We recognize that there may be differences in how individuals define harassment and individuals may have different thresholds on what they consider acceptable or not. For this reason, we encourage users to try to mediate problems on their own and only contact Mintworks Publishing if harassment gets out of control or violent. 
  • Mintworks does not tolerate any abusive, demeaning, or threatening behavior and will do everything we can to assure a positive experience. Participating in these negative behaviors may result in a warning or banning of your account with no refunds or compensation made on any purchases 

Positive and Constructive Feedback 

  • Feedback can be a valuable tool, and when done with respect, can be a great way to help our authors improve. If you want to provide feedback, do so in a constructive (rather than destructive) manner, and remember to focus on the content rather than the person who created it
  • Personal attacks on authors or other members of the Mintworks Community may result in the deletion of comments and the associated -1 Mint penalty

Protect Privacy 

  • Don’t share someone’s personal details without permission. This includes real names, private conversations, photos, phone numbers, home or email addresses, or other sensitive information that may compromise their safety

Don’t Spam 

  • We prohibit spammy activity and the use of related services
  • Spamming includes, but is not limited to, excessive posting of unsolicited content or links. An example of this includes spamming comments to self-promote. Performing these actions may result in warnings or action being taken against your account. 
  • Accounts created for the sole purpose of promoting or spamming commercial products or services may be banned without notice. 
  • Mintworks may manually identify and remove any content we determine to be spam 

Be Yourself 

  • Mintworks welcomes the use of pen names for our authors and as such, the use of online identities. However, it is against our guidelines to impersonate someone else or to pretend to be associated with someone you are not. This includes impersonating any staff and affiliates of Mintworks Publishing or our authors.

Mature Content 

  • At our discretion, Mintworks  allows a certain extent of violence, profanity and NSFW content which will be marked in the ‘content warnings’ section of each novel index  
  • No novels on Mintworks have a narrative that is primarily erotic in nature or is solely to provide erotic satisfaction
  • Content warnings are included when novels depicting sensitive content, including but not limited to: sexual assault, violence, gore, self-harm, abuse, etc. 
  • Mintworks may require age verification before a user can purchase or view certain content; Mintworks is not liable legally in anyway should someone below the required age purchase or view the content and subsequently experience some form of loss

Our policies may evolve or expand in the future — we want to make sure we are constantly adapting to ensure that Mintworks Publishing continues to be the best it can be. This page will always host the most current set of Mintworks’ guidelines and policies. 

Any and all policy regulation is open to review. Suspensions of account access can be contested by contacting us.

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