Hope for the Future

By: Alicia Marlow 

Everyone watching saw her stance lower and her demeanor change. Then the color of her eyes shifted to the amber of a wolf’s eyes.

Hope’s surrogate father raised her as their clan traveled from caravan to caravan, never staying with one longer than a few years. He would routinely leave her stranded in deserts or crime-ridden areas as survival training, all in preparation of his death. When he passed away, her father set up a final test for Hope to show she is ready to lead. A fight against a man whose body is sculpted out of metal. Against the odds, she wins, not only proving to her clan she can lead them but also awakening hidden genes that are her birthright. 

For Hope, this is just the start. A child of her clan is kidnapped and finding her only unravels more secrets than Hope could possible imagine. The Institute. The genetic experiments. A history Hope wishes could be rewritten.


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