On the Writer’s Block 

By: Anukriti

Tej has unread message requests crowding his Instagram inbox. This implies one of three things—

  1. An enthusiastic sugar daddy is infatuated with Tej’s blank bio and wants to treat him right;
  2. Some ‘entrepreneur’ is reaching out to invite him into what is assuredly not a pyramid scheme; or 
  3. Yet another upset fan has found his private profile and he’s about to read his ninth death threat of the day.

Tej is all too happy to hole up in his apartment and write till the outside world ceases to exist but when his high school ex starts sending him memes out of the blue, he finds his plans disrupted. Mohini doesn’t realise her ex is now a recluse living next-door when she moves into her new apartment, but she’s happy to make the most of unpleasant surprises

Two neighbours find themselves running into each other repeatedly in a series of bizarre situations, a predicament that isn’t helped by the fact that they dated back in high school.

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