Paper Souls

By: S. Dhanoa

Only the foolish would offer up their lives, their souls, in an impossible gamble; she supposed that the two of them must indeed be fools to give up everything for this.

When Sura receives an Imperial Order commanding the investigation of a crime never seen in the last 100 years, the last thing she expects is to be dragged into a series of calamities connected by a blood-soaked thread. 

A victim found in the private chambers of the Rajkumari. 

A grave of corpses, each with a blank soul. 

 A drug that can reveal your past at the cost of your love. 

But finding herself played with like a puppet, with her soul magic turned useless, Sura chose to cut the strings with a blade of Death. A chance to rewrite her soul record.

~ A story of reborn rivals, a hidden enemy, and impossible yearning

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