The Thaumaturge Warrior

By: Ginika Chi

“Get away from me,” Klup pleaded, close to tears.

Kiara pictured herself strangulating Klup and felt immense pleasure from it. She wanted him to pay for being a bully. She wanted him to bear the scar of their encounter.

Kiara was born out of wedlock, not knowing her dad. The day her mother birthed her, Skrull – heinous magical beasts – attacked her home kingdom, the only survivors somehow being her and her mother, Zipha.

They travel to the nearby kingdom of Galtea, where they make a living selling vegetables until it is discovered Kiara has magic. Thaumaturgy.

The reigning icy-haired monarch, Queen Tianne, then persuaded Kiara to join the army and fight against Ka’apnar:  the kingdom that sent the Skrulls to destroy Kiara’s birthplace. As she makes her way through training, Kiara begins to discover that not all she had been told is the truth. Galtea was the home of her father. Her magic may not be a blessing. And Ka’apnar may be innocent. 

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